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*Randomly returns from the grave* WOW, HAS IT BEEN A LONG TIME OR WHAT? Something like six months or so. Anyways, I opened up Sims 3 today and thought I would take a few screenshots of the cutie patooties currently ruining my life. (´▽`ʃƪ)

do you use any ps action?

Yep! I use a tweaked version of this action. :)

Grim: Do you have anything in your pockets before we leave?

Brendan: Just this flower.

Grim: Oh… A death flower? These are quite rare. I’m sure you know what this means then?

Brendan: I do!

Brendan: Don’t worry, Ivy. I’ve got a plan!

Brendan: Don’t worry, Ivy. I’ve got a plan!

Ivy: Grim, listen! You’ve got to give him back to me!

Grim: I’m sorry, Ivy. It’s nearly impossible to bring someone back to life.